Dr. Bleak presents his most unusual Musical Medium!

Contrary to populist belief, the Veil between the Spirit World and our own can be penetrated by those of Particular Talents. Marvel as this Diaphanous Diviner relays tales from the Aether, conjures Familiars and unravels the Secrets of the Universe!

This is no Parlour Trick! The Singular Dr. Bleak and his Euphonious Clairvoyant are the Real Deal!

An immersive performance by Gimcrack Productions, using live music, physical theatre, spoken word and vaudeville elements to explore illusion, suspension of disbelief and immersion into fantastical worlds. The Seance is available as:

- A 30 minute immersive experience for up to 15 guests, to be cycled several times throughout an evening. Perfect as a bespoke sideshow attraction at a large corporate event, party or experience.
- A 7 minute stage demonstration, as part of a larger evening variety show
- As walkabout characters offering tarot and palmistry readings.

To discuss your requirements and book this most unusual seance, enquire here!